How to show off a little: Mussels in white wine sauce

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For special occasions (in other words: when you need to show off a little) it’s always good to have a few culinary tricks up your sleeve. One thing you should definitely try out is making mussels in white wine sauce. In a total of 10 minutes you can prepare a dish that tastes like it could be served in a high-end restaurant. All you need is white wine, broth, mussels, garlic and a few herbs. That’s it! 5 ingredients, 10 minutes, 100 % success.


Simple French Onion Soup and Puff Pastries with Gruyère Cheese

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La fète: Manger comme des gourmands gourmets

Last week my lovely friend Jeanne came over from Paris and she brought with her a recipe for a Soupe à l’oignon with white wine and a stunning snack of Gougères: hearty puff pastry delights with French cheese  (can it get any better?). Although you don’t normally eat these two components together, we found they go really well together; you can dip the Gruyères into the soup for an even richer flavour combination.

Jeannes Vegan Onion Soup impressed me particularly: It is the perfect dish for a sunday evening, as all you really need is onions, a cup of white whine and some old bread (and it is ridiculously inexpensive, too). The thinly sliced onions are caramalized and become so aromatic and sweet that it’s hard to believe the taste of the soup comes from such a humble vegetable. Voilà: here’s Jeanne’s recipe.