Hello spring! Green lentil salad with roasted baby carrots

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Fine, I admit I baked the shortbread twice last week and me and Frieda ate it all. Time for something a little healthier, right? This blog is called the Healthy & the Tasty for a reason: We never could or would stop eating cake. And why should we? Food has many functions: It connects people, it provides your body with nutrients and it makes you feel good. Being healthy should encompass all these factors.


(After) Christmas Special: Dessert

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Friends, I must admit my christmas special is kind of¬†very late, but at my parent’s home I got so into christmas mood I didn’t touch a computer in two weeks. But isn’t that wonderful somehow? Since we’ve started this website I’ve sometimes felt a little under pressure to make great¬†meals and picturesque photos. Shouldn’t the holidays be a time to relax and to meet old friends, to unwrap presents and to let all unfinished work and your worries rest for a couple of days? (Long walks, watching old movies… are you with me?)

Jam Sessions #2: Elderberry Juice

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“Isn’t it fascinating how the nature provides us with precisely the fruit you need to cure the flu precisely when we need it most?”

The harvest, continued. My mum asked this question yesterday after me and my brother had frantically picked 10 kilos of apples, two kilos of pears, a bowl full of blackberries and filled our two biggest pans with enourmous amounts of elderberries (we just couldn’t stop). “Isn’t it fascinating?”, she asked. And I thought, she was right, indeed.

Making elderberry juice is incredibly easy, inexpensive (they literally grow on every corner) and you can produce large quantities of it very quickly. Elderberries are antioxidants and contain large quantities of vitamin A (to strenghten your immune system, B6 (for your nervous system) and C (to eradicate free radicals). Just one cup of elderberry juice will provide you with 78 procent of your daily vitamin C dose! And you know what: It’s super delicious, too. You know that flu season will start sooner than you’d like, so you should better get plucking and stock up your shelf!