The HealthyTasty Holiday Special

The Journey

Are you panicking about christmas dinner? Are you vegan/vegetarian or you just want to try something new? I’ve got a last minute solution for you.

The past three weeks I’ve been creating a traditional vegan christmas dinner. And it wasn’t so easy. I spent hours compiling lists of ingredients. I browsed countless cook books and blogs. I worked tirelessly in the kitchen to prepare the dinner for 12 friends and family members. Now, finally I can proudly present to you:

A Delicious Three Course Vegan Christmas Dinner.

(Confirming all stereotypes of German cuisine, it features three types of cabbage. None in the dessert, though, I promise)


This week I will post recipes for the following three courses:

  • Course 1: Refreshing green pea soup with mint and rye bread
  • Course 2: Cabbage roulades stuffed with walnuts and wild rice in cider sauce, crispy croquettes with moist red cabbage filling and nut salad with radicchio and pomegranate
  • Course 3: Baked apples stuffed with caramelized speculoos, walnuts and cranberries


Pheeew. Are you as excited as I am? The recipes will be published soon.


All ends with beginnings

The Journey

“What keeps the planet spinning

The force from the beginning”


This is the first page of our new website. On The Healthy & The Tasty you will soon explore the philosophy of food in a constant maneuvre between healthy choices and delicious treats, providing you with recipes, insights on health and endulgement and document our journeys in search for even healthier and tastier menues abroad.