Kanelbullar- Swedish Cinnamon Rolls

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Good morning everyone! Yesterday I baked some lovely vegan cinnamon buns adapted from a swedish recipe. It is just ridiculously easy to veganize yeast dough recipes! I replaced the butter and milk with margarine and soy milk and used a mix of wholemeal and regular flour to make them a tad more nourishing. All you need is an hour and a half and a bit of patience.

Yeast is a type of fungi that ferments the sugar in the dough into carbon dioxide. That’s why you activate the yeast in the beginning and let it prove multiple times: the gas forms bubbles and hence the dough expands. Once in the oven, the temperatures are too high for the fungus and the yeast dies. The air pockets remain, though, giving the dough a soft texture.

Kanelbullar are widely popular in Sweden and serve as perfect comfort food in autumn (or all round the year when you’re feeling down). In fact, I just had one for breakfast. You can easily produce large quantities, store them in a tin or a cookie jar and treat your friends to them. Enough said, here’s the recipe:


The Best-est of all Banana Breads

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The best thing about banana bread is that it is actually a cake. But because it is called a bread and has healthy fruit in it, it is totally legitimate to have it for breakfast or as a healthy snack in between. Yes, that is how my brain works.

Lemon and Basil Shortbread

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Baking. Isn’t it just wonderful? Not just for the obvious reason that you produce something sweet and yummy, but also because it means that you’ve created space for a little bit of spare time in your life. A little bit of time just for yourself. It’s like cooking, but utterly unnecessary and thus luxurious. The measuring, the kneading, the waiting: I find it all very meditative. This week I’ve baked lemon and basil shortbread and it’s divine.

Moist, fruity lemon tartlets

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When it comes to lemon cake, I am frequently disappointed. Often, it tastes of nothing but sugar and then people drizzle it with glaze, making it even sweeter. If made right, though, lemon cake can be moist and juicy, refreshing and addictive. And probably you have all the ingredients for one in your kitchen right now!

(After) Christmas Special: Dessert

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Friends, I must admit my christmas special is kind of very late, but at my parent’s home I got so into christmas mood I didn’t touch a computer in two weeks. But isn’t that wonderful somehow? Since we’ve started this website I’ve sometimes felt a little under pressure to make great meals and picturesque photos. Shouldn’t the holidays be a time to relax and to meet old friends, to unwrap presents and to let all unfinished work and your worries rest for a couple of days? (Long walks, watching old movies… are you with me?)

The only chocolate chip cookie recipe you will ever need!

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A recent trip to the US reawakened my passion/obsession for chocolate chip cookies. Well done, that meaning crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, a sweet and caramelly dough and delicious chocolate bits, they are one of my favorite treats. Finding precisely those chocolate chip cookies is unfortunately very difficult in Germany so for years now it has been my personal challenge to find the perfect recipe. After pulling many batches out of the oven I have finally found a combination that satisfies my high standards in chocolate chip cookie-craftsmanship 🙂

Luscious tofu cheesecake (what the..?)

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Happy sunday everybody!

As you might have noticed, Frieda has been absent for a while. Well, she is touring through the U.S. in search of the best burger joint in the country. Also, she will be a bridesmaid at a real American wedding. Can’t wait to see the photos! Before she’s back (hopefully with a lot of yummy recipes) I guess I will have to come up with something to satisfy our cravings for a sweet treat on a sunday afternoon.

This is what I did: I made a cheesecake out of a block of tofu. It sounds pretty gross, but I can assure you, it came out lovely! The texture is fluffy and the crust tastes like caramel melting on your lips. I made it with a type of shortcrust biscuit called Speculoos or Spekulatius, a traditional christmas cookie in Germany and the Netherlands. Speculoos are thin and crispy and they are flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cardamom, brown sugar and white pepper (flavour explosion!). If you caramalize these biscuits and add a pinch of seasalt, the flavour comination really is stunning with the soft texture of the tofu filling. If you can’t find Speculoos in your country, just use digestives instead.

Copenhagen Calling: Pickled Plums in Black Tea

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Autumn’s here!

This week I will share with you a dish that I learned from my Danish housemate Lisbeth when I lived in Copenhagen two years ago. She always had a gigantic preserving jar with pickled plumsin her kitchen. Her secret ingredient: black tea. Now, I come from Germany’s wet and dreary North Sea coast  where people are said to be consuming more black tea than anyone else in the world. So you can guess she got me exited with that recipe.

Banana and chocolate leftovers cake

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Few things annoy me more than throwing away rotten food, which is why I find it extremely satisfying to make something delicious out of aliments just in time before they go bad. Yesterday we craved something sweet after dinner and as my eyes scanned our kitchen for anything containing sugar, they were caught by a brown and mushy banana in the fruit basket and a half eaten bar of chocolate. The decision was made- a banana and chocolate cake had to be baked!