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Is it a smoothie? Is it a soup? While Europe is sizzling in a record-breaking heat wave with temperatures soaring past 100° Fahrenheit I rediscovered this lovely recipe: Gazpacho is a cold, raw soup from Andalusia. It’s refreshing, delicious and healthy.

Long before anyone ever ate Paleo or vegan the Spanish came up with this plant-based dish. Or were it the Romans? The Moors? Whoever it was, when I had a plate of chilled Gazpacho for lunch yesterday I was thankful for its existence (man, is it hot in my apartment). Did I mention it only took ten minutes to prepare in a blender? Right.


Christmas Special, Course # 1: Minty Pea Soup

Recipes, Soups

One week until Christmas eve! Are you as excited as I am? For the children christmas revolves mainly around the presents but for the grown-ups it’s all about the meal (and the spirit, of course!). In Germany we celebrate on the evening of the 24th. Traditionally a Sunday roast is served, often with red cabbage and ‘Knödel’, dumplings made of patatoe or bread. Meat, cabbage, bread and potatoes- the staples of German cuisine in one dish. When I first became vegetarian, christmas suddenly became a challenge for me. I felt deprived because I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) have any of the roast. The food resembled my past, my family and our customs. 

The Perfect Pumpkin Soup

Recipes, Soups

Fall is a romantic and sometimes melancholic season because change becomes so visible in the months from october to december. While we fetch our woolen sweaters from the back of the closet and suddenly get up in the dark, we witness the beautiful palette of reds, yellows and greens of the changing leaves. On a more delicious note, fall also presents us with a new range of vegetables and fruits: sweet pears, juicy apples and everybody´s favorite: the pumpkin. A good pumpkin soup is a fall essential that makes the waving good-bye to summer a lot easier. Here is my favorite, incredibly easy (and coconut-milk free !) pumpkin soup recipe.

Granny’s greatest: Cucumber Soup and Italian Bread Sticks

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Granny would be proud!

With autumn approaching, what is there more comforting than a steaming pot of soup on the stove? My favourite soup (apart from Jeanne’s delicious Soupe à l’Oignon, of course) is one that my grandma always used to make. It is almost shockingly easy to prepare, the ingredients cost nearly nothing and it’s very very healthy. In fact, when I googled cucumber soup today, I found tons of diet websites adverting similar recipes. Anyhow: The recipe is not only healthy, but also very yummy, so you should go ahead and give it a try.

To elevate my Grannys dish to the next level (god, I watched too much Master Chef lately) I decided to bake two types of italian bread stick shat you can dip into the soup; one with fresh rosemary and coarse sea salt, and one with chilipepper and garlic.

Simple French Onion Soup and Puff Pastries with Gruyère Cheese

Recipes, Soups

La fète: Manger comme des gourmands gourmets

Last week my lovely friend Jeanne came over from Paris and she brought with her a recipe for a Soupe à l’oignon with white wine and a stunning snack of Gougères: hearty puff pastry delights with French cheese  (can it get any better?). Although you don’t normally eat these two components together, we found they go really well together; you can dip the Gruyères into the soup for an even richer flavour combination.

Jeannes Vegan Onion Soup impressed me particularly: It is the perfect dish for a sunday evening, as all you really need is onions, a cup of white whine and some old bread (and it is ridiculously inexpensive, too). The thinly sliced onions are caramalized and become so aromatic and sweet that it’s hard to believe the taste of the soup comes from such a humble vegetable. Voilà: here’s Jeanne’s recipe.