Swedish Crispbread

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Have you ever baked your own bread? I’m telling you: All you need is three ingredients and an oven and you can make Swedish crispbread as we speak/write/read.

„Knäcka“ means crispy in Swedish. And it is crispyness, ideed, that is most characteristic for the Swedish “Knäckabröd”. Invented in Sweden in 500 AD, the thin cracker enjoys popularity in Scandinavia, Germany and among health-conscious people elsewhere. It tastes like crisps, it’s inexpensive, full of fibre and you can store it for ages. All you need is wholemeal rye flour, salt, and water. I’ve added extra seeds and grains for health benefits.


Hooray for Hummus!

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Recently the New York times reported that the annual turnover of the hummus industry in the US has increased a hundredfold. Wait a minute? Hummus industry? I didn’t even know such a thing existed. But seemingly it does. And I know why. Because hummus is brilliant.