Fish and Chips

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One of the best little things that have happened lately is that an old friend of mine became a modern fishmonger. Once a week, Baaf and his partner Roel drive to the Dutch North Sea coast to a tiny fisher village near the harbor of Ijmuiden to buy smoked makerels, sole and cod. At Lauwersoog, the local fishermen collective, which is tellingly called “goede vissers” (the “good fishermen”) supplies the boys with wild oysters and unpeeled prawns. These guys don`t even use fishing nets! And if Roel and Baaf can’t sell all the oysters, they throw them back into the sea. The cavity within the shells of the oysters is always filled with water so they can survive almost two weeks outside the ocean.


Niels’s Gado Gado

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I’s been seven months since Niels moved from Amsterdam to Berlin. He quit his job in the European parliament – the one everyone else was so thrilled about – and moved to Berlin to move in with his girlfriend and lead a more balanced life. Back in Brussels he used to work until late in the evening every day, so grocery shopping was virtually impossible. His fridge was filled with frozen vegetable patties, canned food and champagne he got from the EP. When he came to Berlin, it struck him: Finally, he was able to spend time in the kitchen again, do go shopping on farmer’s markets and to prepare meals from scratch.

Lina’s fake meatball zucchini pasta

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When my sister Lina decided to move back to the city we grew up in, many people wondered why. When I finished school, I wanted to move far away, possibly abroad. Now, no one is wondering anymore. She found herself a lovely flat and a job at the cutest organic market via connections. Although she’s really busy with university, she finds time for hobbies and to come up with new recipes.

She made me wonder: Isn’t it braver to try and find happiness where you are than to hunt for it in the distance?

Christmas Special: Course #2

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5 days until Christmas. Today I will share with you my main course (and some thoughts on it).

Earlier this week I elaborated on how challenging christmas can be if you have a specific diet. When I first became vegetarian, I felt deprived because I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) have any of the roast. I doubted my decision to not eat the turkey/venison/ lamb etc. I didn’t want to complicate or spoil christmas. At one point my lovely sister stepped in and although she loves eating meat, she started preparing amazing vegetarian dishes, year after year. Two years ago, she prepared cabbage ‘roulades’ and they were so good that all the other family members wanted to have one, too. That’s why I decided to recreate her recipe this year. As sides I made a refreshing green salad with pomegranate and red cabbage dumplings which are frozen, coated in bread crumbs and afterwards sautéed.

How to show off a little: Mussels in white wine sauce

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For special occasions (in other words: when you need to show off a little) it’s always good to have a few culinary tricks up your sleeve. One thing you should definitely try out is making mussels in white wine sauce. In a total of 10 minutes you can prepare a dish that tastes like it could be served in a high-end restaurant. All you need is white wine, broth, mussels, garlic and a few herbs. That’s it! 5 ingredients, 10 minutes, 100 % success.

Summer Pizza

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Alright, alright, I know it’s November now so this recipe is completely out of place but then on the other hand it’s so delicious, I could eat it any day season. If I ever become famous for any achievement in my life it should be the invention of SUMMER PIZZA. The thing is: It’s pizza, but it’s healthy, too.