Delicious vegan Burgerpatties


If you don´t live anywhere near a beach than barbecues are the thing to do in summer! With the first rays of sunshine emerging, supermarkets are stocking up on charcoal, invites for park BBQs are coming in and you are probably wondering if you should finally invest in a humidity-proof picnic-blanket.


The Best-est of all Banana Breads

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The best thing about banana bread is that it is actually a cake. But because it is called a bread and has healthy fruit in it, it is totally legitimate to have it for breakfast or as a healthy snack in between. Yes, that is how my brain works.

Porridge Powers

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The fact that I hate getting up earlier than absolutely necessary and my need for a good, filling breakfast is a constant conflict of my weekdays. There was a time when I bought a warm chocolate croissant on my way to class everyday but that situation was neither very economic nor did the croissant fill me up for more than an hour. It was in fact May who introduced me to the delicious-ness that is a homemade porridge and I want to share my perfect “recipe” and porridge combinations in this post.

Delicious breakfast granola (times two)

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Every year a day or two before christmas we will meet up for a luscious brunch or „Kaffeeklatsch“ with our group of girlfriends from home. Most of us live in Berlin anyways but it is a wonderful time to share gossip, complain about the christmas-stress and exchange a gift or two. This year, May curiously watched me carry in a basket full of homemade goodies and told me that we might have prepared the same gifts. When it was time to reveal the presents, both of us sure enough pulled out cans of freshly made granola for the friends! While May had whipped up a delicious nutty banana granola, I had stuck to a more basic coconut-almond version. We will share both recipes and highly recommend preparing these gourmet granolas: easypeasy to make, great to have at home and both do indeed make wonderful gifts.

The only chocolate chip cookie recipe you will ever need!

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A recent trip to the US reawakened my passion/obsession for chocolate chip cookies. Well done, that meaning crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, a sweet and caramelly dough and delicious chocolate bits, they are one of my favorite treats. Finding precisely those chocolate chip cookies is unfortunately very difficult in Germany so for years now it has been my personal challenge to find the perfect recipe. After pulling many batches out of the oven I have finally found a combination that satisfies my high standards in chocolate chip cookie-craftsmanship 🙂

The Perfect Pumpkin Soup

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Fall is a romantic and sometimes melancholic season because change becomes so visible in the months from october to december. While we fetch our woolen sweaters from the back of the closet and suddenly get up in the dark, we witness the beautiful palette of reds, yellows and greens of the changing leaves. On a more delicious note, fall also presents us with a new range of vegetables and fruits: sweet pears, juicy apples and everybody´s favorite: the pumpkin. A good pumpkin soup is a fall essential that makes the waving good-bye to summer a lot easier. Here is my favorite, incredibly easy (and coconut-milk free !) pumpkin soup recipe.

Banana and chocolate leftovers cake

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Few things annoy me more than throwing away rotten food, which is why I find it extremely satisfying to make something delicious out of aliments just in time before they go bad. Yesterday we craved something sweet after dinner and as my eyes scanned our kitchen for anything containing sugar, they were caught by a brown and mushy banana in the fruit basket and a half eaten bar of chocolate. The decision was made- a banana and chocolate cake had to be baked!