Delicious vegan Burgerpatties


If you don´t live anywhere near a beach than barbecues are the thing to do in summer! With the first rays of sunshine emerging, supermarkets are stocking up on charcoal, invites for park BBQs are coming in and you are probably wondering if you should finally invest in a humidity-proof picnic-blanket.


Fish and Chips

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One of the best little things that have happened lately is that an old friend of mine became a modern fishmonger. Once a week, Baaf and his partner Roel drive to the Dutch North Sea coast to a tiny fisher village near the harbor of Ijmuiden to buy smoked makerels, sole and cod. At Lauwersoog, the local fishermen collective, which is tellingly called “goede vissers” (the “good fishermen”) supplies the boys with wild oysters and unpeeled prawns. These guys don`t even use fishing nets! And if Roel and Baaf can’t sell all the oysters, they throw them back into the sea. The cavity within the shells of the oysters is always filled with water so they can survive almost two weeks outside the ocean.