Porridge Powers

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The fact that I hate getting up earlier than absolutely necessary and my need for a good, filling breakfast is a constant conflict of my weekdays. There was a time when I bought a warm chocolate croissant on my way to class everyday but that situation was neither very economic nor did the croissant fill me up for more than an hour. It was in fact May who introduced me to the delicious-ness that is a homemade porridge and I want to share my perfect “recipe” and porridge combinations in this post.


Delicious breakfast granola (times two)

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Every year a day or two before christmas we will meet up for a luscious brunch or „Kaffeeklatsch“ with our group of girlfriends from home. Most of us live in Berlin anyways but it is a wonderful time to share gossip, complain about the christmas-stress and exchange a gift or two. This year, May curiously watched me carry in a basket full of homemade goodies and told me that we might have prepared the same gifts. When it was time to reveal the presents, both of us sure enough pulled out cans of freshly made granola for the friends! While May had whipped up a delicious nutty banana granola, I had stuck to a more basic coconut-almond version. We will share both recipes and highly recommend preparing these gourmet granolas: easypeasy to make, great to have at home and both do indeed make wonderful gifts.

The lentil salad that (curiously) made me love lentils

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Lentils. What comes to your mind when you think of lentils? Hippies? Farting? Legumes are not exactly the most sexy ingredients one must admit. And I didn’t have the best of an opinion about them either. Up until a while ago when I went to a café around the corner and I was starving. And all they had was a lentil salad. And it was gorgeous. So I will provide you with the recipe now.

Moist, fruity lemon tartlets

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When it comes to lemon cake, I am frequently disappointed. Often, it tastes of nothing but sugar and then people drizzle it with glaze, making it even sweeter. If made right, though, lemon cake can be moist and juicy, refreshing and addictive. And probably you have all the ingredients for one in your kitchen right now!

(After) Christmas Special: Dessert

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Friends, I must admit my christmas special is kind of very late, but at my parent’s home I got so into christmas mood I didn’t touch a computer in two weeks. But isn’t that wonderful somehow? Since we’ve started this website I’ve sometimes felt a little under pressure to make great meals and picturesque photos. Shouldn’t the holidays be a time to relax and to meet old friends, to unwrap presents and to let all unfinished work and your worries rest for a couple of days? (Long walks, watching old movies… are you with me?)