The HealthyTasty Holiday Special

The Journey

Are you panicking about christmas dinner? Are you vegan/vegetarian or you just want to try something new? I’ve got a last minute solution for you.

The past three weeks I’ve been creating a traditional vegan christmas dinner. And it wasn’t so easy. I spent hours compiling lists of ingredients. I browsed countless cook books and blogs. I worked tirelessly in the kitchen to prepare the dinner for 12 friends and family members. Now, finally I can proudly present to you:

A Delicious Three Course Vegan Christmas Dinner.

(Confirming all stereotypes of German cuisine, it features three types of cabbage. None in the dessert, though, I promise)


This week I will post recipes for the following three courses:

  • Course 1: Refreshing green pea soup with mint and rye bread
  • Course 2: Cabbage roulades stuffed with walnuts and wild rice in cider sauce, crispy croquettes with moist red cabbage filling and nut salad with radicchio and pomegranate
  • Course 3: Baked apples stuffed with caramelized speculoos, walnuts and cranberries


Pheeew. Are you as excited as I am? The recipes will be published soon.


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