Christmas Special: Course #2

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5 days until Christmas. Today I will share with you my main course (and some thoughts on it).

Earlier this week I elaborated on how challenging christmas can be if you have a specific diet. When I first became vegetarian, I felt deprived because I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) have any of the roast. I doubted my decision to not eat the turkey/venison/ lamb etc. I didn’t want to complicate or spoil christmas. At one point my lovely sister stepped in and although she loves eating meat, she started preparing amazing vegetarian dishes, year after year. Two years ago, she prepared cabbage ‘roulades’ and they were so good that all the other family members wanted to have one, too. That’s why I decided to recreate her recipe this year. As sides I made a refreshing green salad with pomegranate and red cabbage dumplings which are frozen, coated in bread crumbs and afterwards sautéed.


Christmas Special, Course # 1: Minty Pea Soup

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One week until Christmas eve! Are you as excited as I am? For the children christmas revolves mainly around the presents but for the grown-ups it’s all about the meal (and the spirit, of course!). In Germany we celebrate on the evening of the 24th. Traditionally a Sunday roast is served, often with red cabbage and ‘Knödel’, dumplings made of patatoe or bread. Meat, cabbage, bread and potatoes- the staples of German cuisine in one dish. When I first became vegetarian, christmas suddenly became a challenge for me. I felt deprived because I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) have any of the roast. The food resembled my past, my family and our customs. 

The HealthyTasty Holiday Special

The Journey

Are you panicking about christmas dinner? Are you vegan/vegetarian or you just want to try something new? I’ve got a last minute solution for you.

The past three weeks I’ve been creating a traditional vegan christmas dinner. And it wasn’t so easy. I spent hours compiling lists of ingredients. I browsed countless cook books and blogs. I worked tirelessly in the kitchen to prepare the dinner for 12 friends and family members. Now, finally I can proudly present to you:

A Delicious Three Course Vegan Christmas Dinner.

(Confirming all stereotypes of German cuisine, it features three types of cabbage. None in the dessert, though, I promise)


This week I will post recipes for the following three courses:

  • Course 1: Refreshing green pea soup with mint and rye bread
  • Course 2: Cabbage roulades stuffed with walnuts and wild rice in cider sauce, crispy croquettes with moist red cabbage filling and nut salad with radicchio and pomegranate
  • Course 3: Baked apples stuffed with caramelized speculoos, walnuts and cranberries


Pheeew. Are you as excited as I am? The recipes will be published soon.