Foolosophy: 5 thoughts on healthy diets

Food Facts & Food Fiction

Imagine everyone could eat delicious food and live a healthy life. Let me tell you what: it is possible. It’s not something only a small amount of people with the right genetic preconditions can achieve. It is something every one of us can do. At least that’s what Thea Blank claims. In our guest column she presents five thoughts that might challenge your conception of clean eating.

“Apart from the air you breathe, everything you are consists of the things you eat.”

1. You are what you eat

This thesis of Feuerbach is not just a phrase. It should be the essence of our eating. People are often making a huge effort to change their outsides (like buying expensive shampoo), yet they believe you cannot change your inside without huge and painful efforts. Okay, let me reveal an open secret: Your body is changing your body cells constantly, even your bone cells are changing. Depending on the type of cell the changing interval differs. Some cells are changing every few hours. Others however take years to change. Now, how do you think your body is rebuilding these cells? Yup, from things you ate. Apart from the air you breathe, everything you are consists of the things you eat. Even your genes are built from food. Just by eating the things your body needs, you can change your life. What is the qualitative state you want your body to be in? This should be the rate of quality for your food. Never stop thinking about quality when it comes to food, because some day this food will be you.

“My migraine attacks pretty much vanished once I realized that I have to have regular meals.”


2. Know your inner self
Knowing yourself and knowing how your body works is key to a healthy diet. All recommendations you might get in health magazines or on the internet are based on average measurements (and sometimes on financial interests). They don’t have to apply to your personal needs. Yes, knowing yourself means to know some facts about digestion and what your liver does and all that (facts that soon will be published here on ‘nutrition facts’). But it also means that you should know what makes you feel good. In order to find out more about yourself you need to try out different ways of eating, different ingredients and different ways of cooking. And while you do that you can observe your reaction to the changes. When I observed myself I could find out that my migraine attacks pretty much vanished once I realized that I have to have regular meals. This observation was life- changing for me. So do yourself a favor and trust in your own body, it will tell you what you need once you start to listen.


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