How to: Vegan Baking

Food Facts & Food Fiction

Most people are afraid of vegan baking. After all, what do regular cakes consist of? Eggs, butter, milk, cream, you name it. But it’s not that difficult, believe me (and I’m passionate about cakes, oh yeah) So here’s a guide on how to subsititute the animal products in your tarte:

  • Butter: Substitute butter with margarine, coconut fat or frozen plant oil. For instance, you can make an amazing pie crust (sweet and savory!) with spelt flour, a hint of salt and frozen olive oil


  • Milk: Substitute milk with soy milk, rice milk, almond milk or the like. Or: simply use water instead. I found out that crêpes taste great with a 50/50 mix of oat milk and water.


  • Cream: Substitute with soy cream (available in many supermarkets these days) or coconut milk


  • Sour cream/ cream cheese: Blend plain tofu and a banana and season it with lemon juice, sugar and a pinch of salt


  • Eggs: Eggs are the toughest of these four ingredient to replace in a cake, but it’s definitely possible, you don’t have to buy commercially available egg replacer! You have to understand the function the eggs have in your dish, tough. They are used to bind the dough and to give it a fluffy texture. To achieve both without eggs you can either:

– add baking powder/bicarbonate of soda, oil and a drop of vinegar to help the dough rise
– add a mashed banana or 50g of silken tofu for extra fluffyness.
– add or 1 tbsp linseeds mixed with water. The latter helps bind the dough and works perfect for pancake batter

To replace the egg in savory dishes (pies, burgers), you can always add grated potato or chickpea flower to help the dough/patty etc. stick together

All right? All right! Ready, set, bake.


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