Jam Sessions #2: Elderberry Juice

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“Isn’t it fascinating how the nature provides us with precisely the fruit you need to cure the flu precisely when we need it most?”

The harvest, continued. My mum asked this question yesterday after me and my brother had frantically picked 10 kilos of apples, two kilos of pears, a bowl full of blackberries and filled our two biggest pans with enourmous amounts of elderberries (we just couldn’t stop). “Isn’t it fascinating?”, she asked. And I thought, she was right, indeed.

Making elderberry juice is incredibly easy, inexpensive (they literally grow on every corner) and you can produce large quantities of it very quickly. Elderberries are antioxidants and contain large quantities of vitamin A (to strenghten your immune system, B6 (for your nervous system) and C (to eradicate free radicals). Just one cup of elderberry juice will provide you with 78 procent of your daily vitamin C dose! And you know what: It’s super delicious, too. You know that flu season will start sooner than you’d like, so you should better get plucking and stock up your shelf!

Beat the flu! Homemade elderberry juice



  • as many black elderberries as you can pick
  • water
  • small rock sugar (alternatively: honey or agave nectar)



  1. First wash the elderberries with hot water to remove small insects etc.; you do not have to remove them from the stems.
  2. Then put the berries into a big pot;
  3. Fill it up with water and bring the mixture to the boil, then let it simmer at low temperature for 30 to 45 minutes;
  4. Stir the mixture to make sure all berries are cooked (careful, some varieties of the elderberry are poisenous when uncooked!)
  5. Next squeeze the berries with a potatoe masher or a similar gadget an then pass the liquid through a sieve;
  6. Finally, add the sweetener and bottle the juice


Tip: Some people add cloves, cinnamon or ginger to the mix. While I prefer the classic taste, you should definitely play around with these flavours!


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