The Idea

“We are what we eat”, some important person once said. But who are we and what do we eat?

May and Frieda are two Berlin-based foodies. Both intrigued by the wonder’s of the kitchen, they have since had a slightly different focus of interest.

Earlier this year May had to undergo radiotherapy to cure a hereditary disease. So she decided to do what she can to live as happily and healthily as possible. Which is how she got into vegan, whole-wheat baking and fantasizing about food processors and celery juice (Oh God, who have I become?).

While she started changing her diet, she had a lot of discussions with Frieda. She, too, is a food lover,  but she sees food primarily as a source of pleasure rather than a provider of nutrients (Can we put some bacon on that dish, please?).

In a heated discussion over the benefits of butter we decided to start a blog and document our conversation.

In the end, food is a continuum: In our daily lives we are continuously forced to make decisions between the healthy and the tasty. In our blogposts we want to explore these dialectics of food from two perspectives and provide you with recipes for lip-smacking health food without being taken in by dubious food trends.


All you need to do is sit down and enjoy, the dish is about to be served!


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